Sunday, August 13, 2006

lifetime experience. No regrets.

some day, some how, my Beloved Seniors told us that there will be a national camp in singapore. Trials? oh its just after that they said. True. But somehow they postphone it. so national camp was BEFORE trials. I thought 'die larh.other people got extra time to study and we don't. it will be thedoomsday. but somehow, it was postphone.again. =p. okie. I got the holidays to study.

anyway. I went to camp on 10 august. a day that change my history. bluek.

I went to custom early in the morning to meet my cadet and officers.

then we took a bus to singapore to the bus central, where we saw some japanese people with kids. one small boy really look like-someone. I should not mentioned it for the moment.

we board an ambulance to campsite. funny huh. 1st time sit in ambulance like taking public bus man.

so then we reach the campsite. when we just entered the campsite it was like army guys running around and marching and stuff.this is gonna be hard,i thought.

but then we reach the leaders square where we saw like a thousand of school campers there. phew. guess its gonna be fun.

we waited to be group. hoping to be together. at least a buddy each.

but no way man. kelly was in bravo, yithng was in charlie, fann was in delta, and I was in echo.

sad. one company has like 150+ campers. and we're the only people who doesn't know a single person in an entire company.

so I was group in echo company, platoon 3.

then we moved to the bunks.

first time in my entire life I go to camp with big bunks with comfortable beds and personel cupboard and shelfs and fellowship tables-or watever.

not forgetting electrical socket. thought we are gonna sleeping in tents so I didn't bring my handphone charger.

so by the way I met two friends. Danical and chrystal. they rhyme eh. easy to remember.

then they appointed buddy system in case we get lost or something. me and ayu. haha. small girl, same age. =P

1st activity. street soccer.

seriously its my 1st time playing soccer in a group. I know I v suaku. =P

even with such a lousy player my team still won.woohoo.

frisby? its fun playing in a team.

then we played inddor challenge. the 1st part was really team work man got to squeeze lik sardin on top of unstable chairs. some fat guys cant even get up the chairs. lolx.

last activity of day1, we climb the rock wall. me 1st timer summore. but at least i got up half of the wall.

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no need to the highest in the pic.. in the pic but many more climb higher then me. malu sial.

end of the day I got new friends..! woot.

see who I can remember... audrey, meixiu, serene, noel, munching, estell.. okay theres more but I cant remember now.

so night time we had dinner together. good food man.. I didn't expect army food to be good. indeed singapore has quality food. but malaysia's delicacies are better. =P

after that we have campers night. played a couple of games with our crap platoon leader. super nonsense.lolx. everybody loves him for his crappy-ness. lolx.

then, lights out.

second day I was awoken by other people's alarms. nonsense man wake me sho early at 0530hours. walao a. my alarm suppose to ring at 6 at woke at 5.30. great. less sleep maybe.

then we were given breakfast. and we went for paintball. woohoo.

PL said we shoot at each others head. then I got scared. if shoot at people's head, I wont wanna play.

by the way he's nonsense. we shoot at targets.

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took this from quite far.aren't allowed to go so near.

safety is 1st they say. definately no shooting at people's head.

the next was mountain biking and I didn't get to do it. sad.

gotta meet president cos im frm malaysia. foreign people.

so foreign people frm echo company took a bus to the place where the meeting with president session was held.

we just took a pic with him and then its over.

there was food though. only for non-campers.

then this army guy james wong smuggle food for us. lolx. funny sial. look so naughty wei like taking VIP's food and giving to campers. hahah.

then we went back to continue activities.

i did kayaking. it was fun though but got fibre-glass allergy. I finally know what my skin is allergic to.

due to time lacking, foreign people din get to do dragon boating and cutter puller... T_T

den it was night already. it was opening ceremomy night.

we had performances by the reservoir. cool air. nice.

after the opening ceremony we went back to camp.

PL said that the boys have to drink 2 litres of water tonight. water parade.
kee xiao. whatever he says is not very accurate. we all know that.

I think the boys will go out to toilet every now and then in the middle of the night due to PL's water parade. lolx.

third day again I was awoken by other people's alarm.

we board a bus to the place to do line-control.

its a plane that is tied to a string. you stand in the middle and the plane goes round and round you in circles. gets you dizzy after some time.

then we did...field cooking!

we cook in improvise oven.

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I think we should use this in the next st john camp instead of barbecue. new way of cooking. it should be quite fun.

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cooking buddies.

Danical, serene and me prepared this:

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while the boys did this:

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fanning charcoal.

afterthat we went for...archery! yo. PL said we must be like Legolas. hahah.

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I hit the yellow circle once and got a sweet. haha.

after all of us shot a try, we elect best male and female archer to represent platoon 3.

they compete with other platoon's representative to shoot 6 balloons with 12 arrows.

and our people shot 5 out of 6. not bad huh. and we got extra sweets.

while waiting to get to the obstacle course we played - polar bear. lying game, according to PL. suspect and accuse game.

then we went to obstacle course.

the past obstacle courses that i've went were all easy. kacang. everything a do I get a pass.

but this time, its totally different.

I got to do the shakey balancing thing twice.

the high balancing walk or whatever WASN'T EASY AT ALL. 1st time I was really scared of heights.

then the gate thingi, was okay.. but I fell in the sand. T_T

then we got to climb a so called 'low wall'

all the girls needed help.

although I use climb my house gate, this IS a tough challenge.

half way thru the obstacle course, I got called for foreign deligates performance.

I was like, okay.. DIKIR BARAT?!!

I ended up in the campsite. I found my cadet friend! yay! miss yithng man..

James was there. appently yithng called him sir hardgay. lolx.

luckily for me I overheard the BB mam talking to sir hardgay to take her back to SOC(standard obstacle course).

great. I can go back there and do what I was waiting to do...rapelling. woot woot.

we went to the gate to go out of camp to return to SOC.

the army fella guarding the gate was blur. He told the driver: go, go.

sir hardgay was laughing. I look out. The gate was close.

sir hardgay: stress edi larhh these ppl...(lol)

then I got back to do... rapelling! yay.

I think its about 4 or 5 storeys high.

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the starting was so so scary wei... like about to fall from a tall building.

then once you get into position it easy. key thing: don't look down.

there it goes, something new I conquered in my life.

night came, we bathe and went to campfire.

it was shoshoshoshoshoshosho fun.

the arrival of VIP's were accompanied by these troupe of trumpeteers:

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wish my school band last time was as good as them.

and, the campfire:

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we had song and dance and cheers... super fun. experince of a lifetime.

at night I spend chatting with friends until 2. sad to think that tomorrow is the last day.

so the next morning I was one of the last to wake up in my bunk. haha.

I had orders to gather at 0815hours to leave to malaysia.

our platoon took a nice...pic:

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and then its a sad thing to say, bye to NC06.

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