Thursday, November 02, 2006


Talk about transportation.
I hate the distance between two places
because distance, is something very complicated.
it seperates us, its creates spaces.
on the other hand, space is good also. haha.

but distance really makes it a problem.
especially when you need someone to fetch you back from school.
or to any other places. it just creates trouble.

example when I need my mum to fetch me here and there to get my stuff done, I have to bear with her complains. or if I just simply need a lift home because its raining and I can't possibly take a bus home because there's still distance for me to walk on foot. I don't practice the bringing of umbrellas, either.

and I have to run thru and fro across the field and up and down stairs in school to get work done.
and when you're crippled or hurt your foot, you can't walk. even from the bed to the loo. you sit on wheelchairs. people push you around and tranfer you from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to toilet bowl. (I mean, that's what my mum does to the bedridden fat angmo lady.)

how about handling a friend who has injured herself during a mountain expedition? let's just imagine jungle trekking. er. mountain trekking. thick jungles. how are you gonna carry your friend down the challenging slopes? can't just call a helicopter to pick you up. and your injured friend, right? maybe just leave your friend there. go get help. by the time you're back, he pr she probably got eaten by some montrous animal or wandered to the other side. of the world. hah.

why can't there be a 4th dimension when you can just travel in your mind?
we won't have to study physics anymore. no more laws of motion.

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