Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's the end already.

time flies, they say.

well it really does. It's the end of a year already. to me, it was so, so full of challenges. which failed to finished it properly. why, it was definately a big blow of task to complete, suddenly. My previous years in this life were quite meaningless, I can say. Never did anything useful, never push myself so hard in some areas before, and never taken up so many challenges before. ohya, and definately attended many more camps and courses than any previous years. till I lost track of the camps that I attended, except for some that cannot be forgotten. which few lucky people in Malaysia gets to go for National camp, huh? ahahah.

so much for failed challenges. but still, I chose the right path. learned so much, found true friends, breakthrough some things I never did in life before, and will continue to fight for things that I want, next year, 2007, and hope things just get right. For me. and everybody.

I believe, that everybody has a purpose in life. And to live life, is to fulfilled that purpose.

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