Friday, January 26, 2007

Lost in some planet.

Today I went to malay tuition. And the teacher taught us this outer space story from the malay literature book. And well, guess people think the story is stupid. some hero risk his life to kill a villain who is about to still a kingdom's throne in some-planet-stomania-or-whatever. yeah. something like prisinor of zenda. except it' more stupid. And I wonder why he didn't get lost in that planet or rather outer space.

maybe he did not.

Maybe I am.

I am lost somewhere. In this freaking planet.

Don't know where's my next destination.


why does everyone has an ambition and I'm not even sure what I like to do now. Maybe there's some things that I dislike, and many are ok ok. like them, but not too much.

Let's see what on my mind.

Today I thought about going to Russia to study astronomy.
you laugh.
I know.
The truth is, this is my standard four ambition. Started then. Then on and off I still take interest in it. Ultimate truth is, how many people from Malaysia actually managed to be one famous astronomer to discover some new planet or came up with some freaking formula like Einstein's E= mc2? huh?
the answer is: no one.
I can stop dreaming about my nobel prize for making a discovery in space.
well I dream, but it will certainly won't come.

then I joined St. John which certainly gave me more knowledge on the human body and how it functions. last time when I was younger, my mum used to encourage me to go on the medical line. And I always gave a 'no' without any further thoughts. and she always told me how good was her score in biology and stuff.
-to me, everything my mum did was uncool. So, medical was uncool. biology sucks.
but after the all the medical training I gained for free, well, it was - cool.
God made us so beautifully and perfect.
How everything in our system works together.
How everybody looks different.
and of course, how you make yourself fall sick. or get yourself into an accident.
so, Half yes for it.

and.... who loves The Sims?
me! ahah.
The game that gets me hooked on the PC for hours and hours.
Just for building a perfectly nice house for my sim to live in.
I once had a slow PC that could only play the original Sims.
And of you really play it for long hours, it suck. Because it's so boring.
The first version.
But then I would still spend my sleepless nights building a perfect house.
One with a basketball court, garden, swimming pool, clubhouse, pool table place, mini theatre, large and spacious living room, the grand dining room, the bar, the computer room (with many comps in it), and of course my personal space - the bedroom.
I love the houses.

so, what's your say? what shall I continue after sec life?

: ah. Lost in some planet. :

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