Friday, December 21, 2007


The Strauss descendants from Austria-Germany must be quite a well known one.

Especially when it comes to music.

The first thing people think of is the Waltz king - Johann Strauss.

Not forgetting his whole family. Johann Strauss Senior. Eduard Strauss. Josef Strauss. Johann Strauss III.

Then that Oreo advertisement song comes into your mind. Tam tam da dang dang - ding ding. ding dingg. (sometimes sang by a cat's voice - miao miao. miao miao.)

you know. those 3 ballet girls trying to dip an oreo into milk but the cup isn't full enough so they pour two glasses into one to make it full.. Yes. That is the famaous waltz - On the Blue Danube.

You get addicted to that tune sometimes, although you don't even know what's the name of it and who composed it.

Just take 10 minutes to watch this. I was impressed. It sounds terrific.

I found a DVD on Wiener Orchestra - One of the world's finest and oldest. That's rather random to find something like that in my house. My dad is with his fixing stuff and my mum around her lady likings. No classical music lovers. Except me - and I did not purchase that DVD.

It just took one night for me to watch the Wiener Orchestra playing Strauss on the new year's concert 2000. And it lifted my spirits a little into the 'holiday' mood. (yes it going to end very soon.) Still, waltz has that happy tune to it. Grand, hmm.

Next time you feel down, try a Strauss waltz.

Chopin has some too. Some happy, but most of it - Emo. heh.

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