Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mac users: How to steal streaming media

XD I shall blog about how I actually rip off streaming media from the web pages (usually when there's a player in the page), using an Apple Computer.

Its nothing complicated at all, its just something I found out.
And note that I don't possess any hacking skills, either.

Not ALL streaming media can be ripped of a page, but some media players allows you to.
Its usable in MySpace players (not full quality Mp3, but still its very listen-able), where artists put some of their music in it :/
Not telling you to violate the rules, though, sometimes in this ulu JB town you can't really get some of the artists' CD's. And furthermore you're too young to own a credit card to purchase things online or your parents won't let you use their credit cards.

Whatever it is, this could be rather useful. lol.
So. heheh. Have fun.

1. First of all, your Mac must have these 2 browsers:
b)Mozilla Firefox/Opera

Safari enables you to open the very useful 'Activity Window', but it doesn't let you save a page, which sucks because when you load Mp3's in the Safari Browser, it doesn't let you save the Mp3 file.
Thus, the other 2 browsers Mozilla Firefox or Opera solves the whole problem. You can just 'save the page' if its a Mp3 file loading in the embedded Quicktime player.

2. Using your Safari browser, open up the page you have streaming media in it.

3. press Command+Option+A. The activity window pops up.

4. Search for something constantly loading in the list. It is the file you're about to download. Usually a few 2-7 MB for Mp3 (depending how long is the song and how good is the quality).
And for videos (YouTube, Megavideo, Veoh, CrunchyRoll, any video streaming site) its usually more than 5MB. Again, depending on how big is the video file.

5. In the Activity window, click on it. If its an Mp3 file, the file will open in another Safari Window and load in the embedded Quicktime player.
If it's a video, it will start downloading straight away! Usually video files in web pages, so make sure once the file is downloaded to your desktop, be sure that there is a .flv extension. If it doesn't have it (like YouTube, file name appears on your desktop as 'getvideo') make sure to rename it, add .flv to the downloaded video file.
Then afterwards you can convert the .flv file to any video format you want using a video converter.

6. As for the Mp3 file that loaded in the new window, copy the URL in the address bar and paste it into another Web Browser (Mozilla Firefox/Opera).
You can close the Safari first to minimized bandwidth usage.
The file will load as well, in the other browser.
After it finishes loading the file (you will be able to play it straight away from the browser), from the menu bar: File>save page as , to the destinate location . Or shortcut Command+S will work as well.

That's it. You get something free today.

But this is only for times you can't get the file straight away (like from a download link), then only go through this extra step.
There's always P2P (Limewire, Bearshare, Ares etc.)
And there's always file sharing network where you can go search files from (megaupload, mediafire, rapidshare)
And all kinds of Torrents.

Right. Signing off here to continue studying Chemistry.

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Anonymous said...

Another way to get .mp3 files within Safari is to take the URL from the activity manager and make an HTML file in Textedit that directly links it. This is especially useful if you can find the target URL in the source code, but it isn't preloading because you have to do x/y/z to activate it.

[a href="Insert URL here"]Download Song [/a]

Then you save it as .html, load it up, and do "Save Target As..." Use carrots instead of brackets obviously.