Thursday, June 26, 2008


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Chemistry first thing in the morning. What could be worse. I was caught talking to Jassine on my left about animes and mangas. Mrs. Elizabeth said I had a couldn't care less face. But that's the look on my face when I'm sleepy. Adeline on my right told me about the TV show Brainiacs she watched about interesting science stuff. Like when you tuck your middle and ring finger under your flat palm rested on the table, standing up, you won't be able to remove it out from under your palm. So we tested. Every now and then I stood up to test her fact, of course when Elizabeth was writing on the board. Or else she would have find it annoying for me to keep standing up at an interval of a minute during a period of time. Adeline also told me I should watch Minamike and Azumanga Daioh. And then I started Scribbling on a piece of unwanted school letter. Yawns. I still can't really hear Elizabeth's voice. I depend 95% on Mr. Lim to score a minimum A2 the last exam. heh.

Went for the education fair in the hall. I went there to get freebies actually. Along with Mercy, Yap, met Cal and Pehyee. Wonder what God has installed for me in the future. Fortune telling don't give you correct answers. I believe that they're all made up to earn your big bucks.

Nicholas Sparks' life is pretty interesting. With thousands of happening. But no doubt he is a hardworking and strong fella. Salutes!

Catching some sleep before second last AGM of Sec School tomorrow. Nights.

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