Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thus, hypothesis accepted.

Yeah we love that sentence.

In about 2 months time, I be will writing that sentence for the last time.

Unless I decide to do anymore experiments and do a proper lab report. Not too likely XD

The bottom line is: I can't wait to leave high school.

Yesterday I found myself viewing old photo albums.
Getting it out of the shelf, blowing off the centimeter thick dust, polishing the cover page with your bare fingers. Memories? no. Time made us so, so, much Older.

I had lived for 17 years. Reminiscing on my younger days, I realized I had lived like a kid, spoke like a kid, and thought like a kid.
High school had changed me 180 degrees, probably.

Somethings (actually, many) that I did not appreciate then, I began to treasure it a lot, today.
For now something very obvious about my eating habits is that knowing Yi Thn'g lead me to eating Petai and Egg yolks - which I always detested thenXD

In the stack of photos, I even found my dad's pictures when he was 19.
I knew that he went to Germany to work in Rolei Lens Company before Form 5 results were out. Randomly some guys from the company stumbled upon an ulu technical school in Kelantan, gave a test, and pick up students to Germany. Cool?
But what I didn't know was that he saved up enough money in less than 2 years to go on a tour around a couple of countries in Europe, all on the same, budget trip.
Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, London - on a backpack, perhaps.
I wish, that I had that kind of chance to do the same thing, too.

High school, 5 years is just nice, and enough.
Had the good times, had the bad ones, I love my friends, I had good experience, achieved some, had a couple of bumps on the road, had people opposing us, well enough.

So.. a couple of stuff I wrote down while studying for the trial examination:

Things to do after SPM! (the favorite topic)
1. Learn Driving and get a license.
2. Change my whole wardrobe.
3. Play the violin and piano all I want.
4. Tennis?
5. Calculus.
6. Holiday trip with high school buddies.
7. New look for my room.
8. Teach home children.
9. Shop for presents=D
10. Read some good titles.
11. Anime, Manga, Dramas, Soap Operas.
12. Mission trip.
13. Basic Accounting.
14. Chess.
15. Album up my Coins.
16. Cooking!
17. Photography.
18. Build houses. - on The Sims.
19. Bathe Russ.
20. Go for Concerts.
21. Sleepovers.

there. 21 so far. much more to come.=D


1, 2, 3, 14!
U2 must ROCK>.>

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