Sunday, January 25, 2009

Misty Mountains. Hills.

Photolog: Fraser's Hill
With a bad camera.

I met your great-grand-daddy.

Mamak in the hills. Check out those tall trees (Bio: the Climax Community? heh.)
Hot, peppery soup (reasonably priced) a cool climate is the BEST.XD

Surreal! Looks like your mansion in heaven.

Beware: Bad photos ahead, view at your own risk.

Anyway, I managed to get in the Fraser's Hill 'Ye Ole Smoke House' XDXDXD
Actually my small family of 3 decided to have a reunion dinner there! Love that quaint, cosy, warm, english tudor smoke house! Classic english indoor furnishings =D Before dinner was served, we shifted from room to room to enjoy the different room's 'feel' =D. There was the common room with alternating black and white tiles, drink bar room with a darker, colder shade, and sort of a 'family' or 'private' living room - lacey pink/peach! Acting like total jakuns actually, moving from room to room like that, and taking pictures of the interior! Just like another annoying tourist. heh. You have to go there to feel that atmosphere =) Food was good AND costly. Hah. Good thing the food was good though. Oh yeah, the food was pretty much cheaper than the one in Cameron highlands. It was dark already, that's why couldn't get better pictures - especially with a pocket camera. So I actually went round with the D90 afterward.
And haven't got hold of its memory card (with pictures in it) yet.
Terrible flash.
I don't know about this.. this picture looked like it just survived a washing machine =S

Absolutely unreliable under low lightings.
I think the camera got colour-cheated! Seriously.

On the way to the little waterfall.
A pocket camera can't take good flowing water pictures =/
I used the fastest and slowest shutter speed and it turned out almost the same. Grr.
No frozen waterdrops, no smooth, silky, flowing water images - nothing.

I just realized how troublesome a pocket camera can be,
and conclude that a pocket camera is only professional for...
Camwhoring. Snapshots of it. Oh yeah. XD

Happy Chinese New Year!

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