Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ole Ship Magic!

There and back again, the return of Doulos puts a mark on the timeline of one's life journey. Except that every time we meet this good ole ship, the people on board are different- a new batch of crew comes to live on the ship and the previous batch leaves, usually, in a two year cycle. I'm glad to see it still.. alive and sailing!

It must take a humbling process to commit at least two years to live on board the ship, with no pay at all, nada, the colourful, international crew are a happy, well, and really talented bunch! Recently last night, they took the effort to put on a colourful event, the International Night, showcasing the different cultures they have picked up from 50 countries; at the same time, a silent moment to remember the countries who have been struck by natural disasters, poverty, diseases.

The End is nigh.


Oh well.
I've managed to look fat in the various pictures I took with the international crew HAHA; while some were hysterical about an American boy who had Zac Efron hairstyle; I am still scratching my head wondering why Shannon chased the Mascot for a picture like a little girl :3

Shall not post any here x) Initially I had notions of taking pictures of the stage activities, but after jojogaw's right hand and a digital cam appeared in pictures repeatedly- I scraped the idea and sit back to enjoy the show lol. Anyway, interesting stuff, I'm very sure you can search for them on Fb.

"Even God can't sink the Titanic."

"By God's grace, we're still sailing."

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