Thursday, October 15, 2009

What will become of our sleeping beds.

Again I must stress on how interestingly the human mind works.

It was an afternoon nap, after reading some Tolstoy I fell asleep on the book- not because the story wasn't moving, but because I was reading on the bed lying down after lunch ;)

I was at my cousin's new house in Singapore, again, they shifted? I don't know. But it looks like on of those shop houses I saw at Clark Quay the other day, wasn't a high rise residential area.. And then I think back again it wasn't a residential area before. All I know that the walls had classical clerestory windows and ornate sculptors, washed-white with colourful stain glass- like that of an old church interior. I seemed to like it, because it wasn't a high-rise HDB anymore (which I detested), it was classic! That's when I realised the art scene is very much vibrant when compared to JB. Anyway, as I was loving the new unit they have moved into, I still can't shake off the feeling that it was well, crammed. I thought I had claustrophobia.

Soon I entered a conversation with my aunt. She told me in the near future the standard bed size will be half of what we have now because the earth have run out of land space, and that the proposal is already in the tabloids so it'll happen real soon. I got really frustrated and woke up.

Ah not impossible, if spacey lands like Canada, Russia, New Zealand disappear by floods or whatever calamity, and we are left with Singapore and Tokyo, and the Vatican City.

Unthinkable, dad concluded. He said I'll be in heaven before that can actually happen. :D

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