Friday, June 25, 2010

Highschool never ends, just a whole lot more colours besides neon blue pinafores! (:

Was it Mel or Cal, who brought up the dreadful question and subject: "Don't you feel that we're getting so old? We're almost twenty!" And those hitting thirty might have just flung their slippers at us.XD

Twenty isn't really old in this lifetime, just that the fact that time passing so quickly gives us the impression that we're growing old so very fast. Or rather, we keep complaining about time running so fast is because we didn't think we achieved or done enough in the past fews weeks/months/years/decades. Oh yeahh I've found the secret of it all 8D

Heh. But dang I thought we looked good that day on the 23rd of June 2010. Cal still small as ever, wonder if anybody takes advantage of this petit and sweet friend of mine: because I'll stuff her with fattening agents or transfer some of my unwanted fats over, you know, give her more build and courageous looking 'grrr'. ahah!:D

I realized my world is almost free of adversaries (: So don't you dare pick a fight with me :B

Well headed to Singapore after lunch and chat with Cal, its was Raining heavily, Fann passed the JB customs with an expiring passport, officers on the Malaysian side closed an eye but, still, I don't know how well we can trust those officers seeing them loitering around the CIQ complex with nothing to do. Fingers crossed, rain pouring down the bus windows over the windy snake roads.. some smiles to the Singapore side customs officer and voila! Magico. she got through. :D

Met mel in Ikea, offers simple but very-yummy Food,and a fantastic place to camwhore:D The colours are the most brilliant and well matched furnitures, objects, layouts, showrooms(:

Finally we went to the victoria concert hall to see the very pretty gorgeous talented goddess. Everything we wished we could be eh?

Its okay. Although there's so much I want myself to be,

I'm still very happy being Me (:

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