Sunday, October 02, 2011

moments in growing up.

As I've mentioned before I'm not comfortable with keeping this space alive. Well unless I'd like to do a nice darn long post. The internet world has changed. We have microblogging. I use that alot. Since I don't write long ones so well. I like the colourful mosaic of my tumblr journal. So i'm sticking with that. But today is historical. Since I have a photo like this:

Okay I admit I missed taking the photobooth-and-new-CD photo for hello hurricane.

So we shall have a photo like this:

Welcome2theplanet has grew with me for many years, and has mellowed down in recent years. Thanks to microblogging and social websites. But I like writing long paragraphs without many people giving a reaction to it. Its a reflection I'd like to review later on when I've grown older, and for people to accidentally stumble on.

But here's a 'historical moment' writing: my favorite band I grew up listening to, and the friends around that somehow was connected with my adoration for these favorite boys of mine. :)

Cheers, October 2011 !

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