Thursday, June 29, 2006

many things are and were

woohoo... finally can go online - after 19 friggin days.
I get to do something I wanted to do since form1.
get a feeling of playing softball.
yay.... finally. after 3 years of waiting.
I practically regretted joining netball in form1, which I soon quitted since we just sat down chatting while the ball goes round in circles.
softball is like those american games I see on telly. fun.
after that.
flag day. wrap tins.
good thing I didnt cry doing it.
super blardy frustrating.
but at least I succeeded with my buddy staying back sho late to finish.
then now, im smuggling time to update my blog.
everyday I plan to sleep in the afternoon but it never came true.
guess im gonna be busy till I finish school.
secondary life can be hectic for some people.
but I cant believe how some people lik fann can do much stuff at a time.
except for wrapping tins that is.
yithng has the patience. I learn it from her.
so guess what,
Im gonna learn how to patienly listen to some people crap.
and just keep quiet.

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