Saturday, June 10, 2006

J.richard.sissy. wuahaha.

'counting trees as the car pass by the highway...'
who knows in a jiffy im back home from camp. blogging the last time before school starts again.
camp was er... okay, good.
I enjoyed: watching late night movies eating noodles and drinking hot choc with 2 good friends.
I can't breathe: in a friend's room full of people. damn blardy stuffy.
I can't resist: the camp food. I wanted to eat more but my friends hardly eat. So I malu ad.
I never fancied: the swimming pool or getting wet. it was a toxic pool there. someone had rashes and is heard to have a bloated face after entering the toxic pool.

the best part.

I got humiliated by some 9 year old kid. Not sure what his age was though.
His name was jeremy richard whatever.
I was eating dinner with a few friends,
then he suddenly called me a noob for no reason.
haha. yea noob. right.
kids like jeremy has nothing better to do.
so he just likes to go around calling people noob.
okay so who cares.
then my friend came back form taking food.
but he sees jeremy sitting in his place.
he ask him to go away but kids like jeremy are stubborn as donkeys.
he does not move his ass.
so he finds another sit nearby.
but I told him, "get him away and go back to ya place... he called me a noob."
he tells jeremy to ciao. but he doesn't move.
so he grabs his 10buck billabong cap and ran away....
jeremy runs away to catch him.
but certainly he does not catch up.he has short legs.
so he came back.
okay enough of a good laugh.

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