Wednesday, June 07, 2006

movie marathon

I've been planning for a movie marathon this holidays. the 1st time I didn't survive long. all because I watch some shows on channel 5 which are so boring, I fell asleep on the living room sofa. I totally failed that time round. but at least yesterday, i manage to watch 3 movies. hahah.
eight below, brokeback mount, and dreamer. eight below... its bout some antartic adventure.
with huskies woofing around, they were cute. I didn't know dogs can survive with little food on the antartic winter for six months. wow. my dog, can't last without food for even a day. with normal climate which do not make dogs hungrier. maybe huskies are a better breed. they run for miles pulling a sled and my dog gets tired easily after a cat chase. which he normally loose out to. stupid and stubborn.

About brokeback mount, totally sux. I'm never gonna watch it ever again. damn sien and disgusting. enough of my review on it.

Dreamer was some horsie show. young actress Dakota Fanning was acting... haha.cute. She always acts as a clever brat. I can't believe 10 year old kid would go for a horsie race auction. or whatever it is. Nice family show... it's recommended.

Turns out as a short movies review afterall.
I guess i'm gonna starve for movies until pmr ends.

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