Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blowing ups

my mind is practically blowing up.

because everything I see is blowing.
this afternoon I watch I super lame movie
it's called 'an old man who tells love stories'
even the title sounds lame.
I remember a brother of my friend,
he was going to die because of starvation of movies,
he had to watch people golfing.
but I have no other movies to watch.
I thought of sitting in the cinema alone,
eating popcorn and watching x-men on my own.
how would that be.
because I'm so blardy bored
and have to watch 'an old man who tells love stories'.
I was just staring at the screen,
watching this old man talking to himself,
dreaming about one jungle lady,
hugging his rifle,
aimlessly pointing it to the trees.
he was suppose to shoot a cheetah.
then he dreams again.
then some places keep blowing up.
blowing and blowing..
makes me think of how my computer blows.
since I got power supply,
now things get worse.
the motherboard is totally gone.
burned smell came out of it,
and capacitors look like they were pregnant.
they were bulging like they had babies in them.
I wonder how they ever got pregnant.
okay then i've thought of a new way reproducing.
by excessive electic current.
that's how electric components reproduce.
oh crap.
but you have no idea how am I going to live without my com.
it's so agonizing.
the only thing I can do to save my life
is to dismantle the hard disk drive from the pc,
and keep it save.
I remember a lord of the rings line,
when gandalf says,
'keep it secret, keep it save!'
maybe i'm gonna keep it secret too..
since I had a nightmare again last night,
dreaming that my mum has been opening my diary.
dunno whether I shouted in my dream.
even when im asleep,
things are blowing up in my mind.
what a difficult life.
but still
i have many things to do in life.

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