Monday, June 05, 2006

no smooth sailing

things always don't go my way.
my own computer had blown up two weeks before.
no power supply.
just before I left for a vacation that should have been more fun.
throughout the vacation I have been fretting about my blown off pc.
if my hard disk crash.
almost 70% of my life is gone.
I have tons & millions of v.i. files.
okay I admit.
there's a few movies and many mtv's..
and songs and appilcations thingi..
and 3D games files
and my e-journals ive spent my whole life on it.
practically evrything is gone.
If my hard disk came to a crashing point.
just hoping things would go together in the end...
that's how story ends....right?
but now that dad has bought the atx thingi for cpu power supply,
maybe things will go better when there's power going.
and then we'll check the hard disk.
crash or no crash.
70% of my life depends on hope,
that the hard disk is fully alive.
just sleeping without power supply.

now for the cause of all things..
my dad found a dead fried baby lizard in the power supply board yesterday.
so now 70% life lies on the edge of the cliff,
cause by an idiotic baby lizard.
because babies dunno anything.
just go in and get killed.
like a lizard.
warning all babies,
not to play with power supply at home.
fate will come like a lizard's death.

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