Saturday, June 03, 2006

talk about Young Urban Professionals

well im back from the hairdresser.
in for a new look. yuppie.
the last of cadet hair is gone.

By the way, yuppie has it's own meaning.
i'm not a yuppie person.
i'm living in a moderate enviroment.
and not living in a fancy big house
and hops in a mercedes. none of that.
i'm not a yuppie.
but i'm happy.

hey i love that movie shark tale.
talk about being famous and rich.
you can live on top of the reef,
but you won't ever be happy.
being somebody isn't everything.
all you get is fake love.

feel like being rich?
oo...itchin to set your fingers on mahjong?
or, poker.
even if you work your way up.
there will still be some cheating,
here and there.
and children who spends all your money.

by the way
rich people mostly don't find their happiness.
using their 5C's
they think they can get everything they need.
so wrong.

one thing I wish for
rich people to be more humble.
or rather,
more humble people
who contribute alot to the third world.
more intergrity.
and peace.

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