Friday, June 02, 2006

passing of time

how did we ever meet?
I can't recall the past
always playful & innocent,
kids remain as kids
thoughts of innocence are gone.
I'm all grown up.
who is someone greater than me?
full of wisdom
and care that I ever needed.
rain or shine
my tower won't fall
oh, so strong!
but the truth is,
I cannot find you around.
where are you?
you have driften away from my sight.
I miss you so...
I'm yearning to breath here
almost dying.
you don't see my suffering
because you are no where around
go, and do what seems best to you!
you'll never know
which friend you'll loose next.
I would not utter much here
it is agonizing.
pain and sores all over
raining down like hails & rocks
So then
I will take my rest
I'll be by the rainbow
or live on a star
it's just a passing of time

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