Thursday, June 01, 2006

A boring day without food.

Finally have some time to start a blog... thanks to Fann. someone who taught me to read html. haha. I haven't been eating since morning. I'm fasting. Yea I'm fasting. For church camp. And the good thing is, I get to reduce some weight. Past few days of holiday, I have been eating. my parents put food in front of me, and i eat. and eat. Until I think I'm full enough to continue the day. No food? I dare not go out to holiday plaza to buy a movie. cos food will be all around... sweet aroma goes through my nose receptors and I'll be hungry. So too bad. No movies for today. The best thing to do is to do some blogging since no food is around. It kills time too. stupid lame computer will take donkey hours to load one page. But its good. No food around. I saw a big box of Oreo lying on the kitchen counter... how tempted i was... maybe just one piece... I won't finish the whole box... never mind. continue blogging. editing html makes me nuts. plus my bad eyesight, i get nauseous. I'm so desperate for a movie. but movies and blogging gives me bad eyesight. So what to do?? Maybe I'll start planting trees tomorrow. save the earth. Never mind about tomorrow. I'm gonna eat now.
LOL I said I'm just BORED.

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