Tuesday, July 04, 2006

people of all sorts

today my mum woke me up, earlier that ever.

mum: custom, custom, late edi larrh still duwan wake up??

me: 'still dreaming, but angry'

I took time to think why my mum mentionzz: custom, custom

then it shoot to my mind, ohya I suppose to go custom to smell polluted air for a week.

half heartedly I went to wash up.

then I called yithng. she wanted to wear pinafore there. Thank God I called.

then I called kelly.

me: hello kelly?

kelly: kia... kiam buaking keef(ya, im brushing teeth)

me: er.'sounds like kelly lost her set of teeth'

kelly: wo kai kua ya

me: er.'should be chinese'

oh. she's brushing teeth. hahah.

so I went to custom where politics began, and lungs to get dysfunctional.

air in Malaysia IS terribly polluted.

in the end we got back to school where air's bit fresher.


I step into class

pn.vasantha: hey julia very busy ar

me: noded and went to my seat.

thng: hey pn. vasantha talked to you

"oh, she wanted me to speak." - I felt rude then,

me: 'smiling idiotcly to teacher, hopong she'll think im not so rude after all'

pn.vasantha: I saw you leaving at 6.

me: 'still showing my neater set of teeth with diamonds, one donater said.' yea, 5.40 I think.

pn.vasantha: 'noded'


so class went on like normal.

my friend beside me educated me about disgusting stories through boring classes.

until 1pm.

everything was terribly rush.

walking on tar road was horrid especially wearing black shoes.

I was at custom. AGAIN.

I really cannot stand the air there anymore.

even one week makes a difference to my healthy lungs.

opposite the road was a lady with her son.

standing in the middle of custom, begging for money.

"why must she bring her son anyway??"

"I don't think so it'll help her get some money"

"she is TOTALLY able bodied"

"if im her i'll go find a job I can do like washing plates"

"at least i'll get some pay and maybe, some leftover, but good and nourishing food."

"she'll probably get knock down by a car or something"

the next moment I took a glance there, she and her child was gone.

I ask fann.

"she probaly got knock down by a car." she said.


then thng told me she saw a man with an amputeted leg.

me: where??

thng: there across

me: owh....

he was with crutches. and pulling a box beside him.

one step forward on crutches, one step he pulls the box along.

me: this is gonna take him a preety long time to get where he wants to go.


mel: 'holding the tabung' ei so pitiful... you two go and help la...

thng and me deciding whether to help him. it could be far.

mel: I support you two, go help him! do something good!

yeah, do something good.

so we went.

we ask him whether we can help

he seems quite a nice person.

he refuse to let us help a few times. but we persuaded. then finally he agreed.

it seems he wanted to go to perling and is going to take a public bus there.

so we carried his box there.

he was a recycler.

he needed that money to suppport his family. elder's son, 13.

okay he does need help.

see, two types of poor people.

1. bring kid to the middle of the road and beg for money. able bodied

2. recycle to support family. lost a leg.

guess there's something to learn here.

make full use of your life while you still are a perfectly normal person.


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