Saturday, August 05, 2006

follow the rules.

today, I went to carrefour.

follow the rules.

apparently I went around looking for food samples because I knew dinner is gonna be late.

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italian ice cream, I took it twice.

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ice-coffee. not bad.

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marigold yogurt. my cousin ransacked it. I had to get it twice for him.

then I went to gummy section.

my father said, no trying arh.

I looked around. No salesgirl.

I opened the gummy box and popped one into my mouth.

before leaving, I turned around to see whether there was any salesgirl.

and there it was, a half dead sales woman.

so I had to buy some stuff in case i get into trouble.

I got the stuff onto the weighing machine.

she really looked semi-conscious.

she actually spoke to me: aiyah...i three days din sleep edi larhh... walao...the customers test eat sour plum arh...complain sour sour duwan buy...face sour sour...

then I was, okay.. maybe she saw me eating the gum.


I wanted to turn and run when I saw this:

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no testing-just above the gummy box.


I ran away.

i ran to the paying counter where my parents, was with my head facing down.

my dad said: eh why you like twohill arh? your hair like that wan.


three groups of people said I look like that disgusting fella.

*no offence to his fans.

by the way, I was happy to return home with my fav keropok roda. lolx.

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