Monday, October 09, 2006


today after school I wanted to take a cat nap but ended up waking up 4 hours later. great. i love to sleep.

dad : "wah you sleep sleep sleep so long edi arhh. come follow me play badminton at 8."
me : *monolog : "you must think im fat"*
dad : go change.
me : whatever. *walks away*

so I ended up sweating like a pig again. dinner will be late. I know.
what's the point of playing badminton if Im gonna eat late dinner?
its as good as supper. supper makes me fat. Im suppose to loose weight after PMR - not gain.

dinner at 10. we ate with another family from church. yay. I love the auntie's stories.
today topic was about : Singaporeans are civilize.

she works in Singapore with the HDB people. or company.
yesterday was a launch of the new HDB or something, not very sure. and they have mobile toilets. people get evian water when they come out.

she said the mobile toilets were clean. *oh, I wonder*
because the last time I went into one of their portable toilets, it stank. good thing I went to change my tee only and not pee. but i badly wanted too. because I haven't since morning. people across the highway are lil more suaku I guess. like me. i didn't know how to flush it. until the auntie told me there was a pump below the toilet bowl. haha. I see.

people line up of course, to enter toilets and get evian water.
and to participate in the launch of new HDB's they line up to the MRT station bus station. up to the streets. geng. they have the patience to wait and guai guai line up to bus stops. this is what I call civilize. not running up buses pushing old grannies down the bus and hogging a few sits a time. sat to say some bad girls in my school push me in canteen. to bad. wait till they get on my nerves I'll gladly pour boiling soup on their faces.

okay. and their NPD. when I was young i swam in the Singapore pools once in a while. okay. people line up for 2 days to get NDP tickets. lol. that's often heard.

the auntie said one time, her friend went to a shopping mall in Singapore. people were queing up, making human chain around the shopping mall. she was curious so she asked one of the fellas who were lining up so patiently. what were they lining up for? somebody's signature? free album?? giving away hundred-dollar bills and roto-tom fills ??? no.

paper bags.

saw that?

so auntie made a conclusion.

Singaporeans love to line up.

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