Saturday, October 07, 2006

i'm free-er

2nd day after pmr, and i'm starting to feel bored. haha. I don't know what to waste my time on. But I bet i'll be lot more busier in... a weeks time. things to do: many.

coming back from city square, again. it seems like a routine man... I mean going there. that place is like my second school. yithng, fann and me just went round and round, level by level, got some stuff for people, and then sit at roibo for an hour. that's just a nice thing to do. sit talk drink roibo. and, looking at people past by. fann spotted like so many girls that were going out with gays. haha. I mean not really gays but, guys who look annya. womanly. slim guys. woman's posture. you name it. and kids throwing tantrum. spoiled and manja. two lil babes fighting over a sweet. hello? Im sure im a better kid when I was young. at least I don't force my parents to make a scene in a lepak place. over a sweet. their dad got so angry he grab the sweet and threw it in the dustbin. one of the insane kid dug it out from the bin. lolx. nasty. - kids. and hey, I spotted a fragrance brand, which they must haved spelled wrongly - fcuk frangrance. hah.

on my way back, I waited for my mum to fetch me at the bus stop. couples were cuddling, and crossing the big and busy main road. lazy asses they are, goverment spent on building a overhead bridge, so that we can cross the big roads safely. but some people just don't think. they want to die earlier. cross la. just becareful ony mah, i din't die oso ma the last time I cross. this time you may not. "BAM" - told you, you can't be too careful. the mushy couples will die, idiotic parents who bring their children across the big roads, "BAM". gone. don't hope for the angels to save you. it'll just take you too the other side.

I was leaning against the tiang. when suddenly 3 woman came and stand nearby. I didn't feel quite alright. I can feel that they are not my kind. further words, pondans. I mean if a normal girl or guy stands beside me, it feel normal. but hey, they are man dressing up as ladies. why, why, must these people have to change their sexuallity. you're a man, accept it la. I guess those fella's just wanna escape the hard stuff men do. so they have a sex change. that's just a guess. I don't exactly know how they feel. because im normal. NORMAL is ME. but can't they just stand it when real guys tease them : 'eh ini laki la... eeh laki jadi prempuan... eee.. eleh geli..'
.... I don't know. the next thing I knew they speak to each other in hoarse voices. uh. makes my hair stand. I ran away. they went away too. after getting teased br the people by the bus stop.
so if anyone wanna be like those three, think first. there's alot to face.

having to stand by the bus stop for half an hour already, I start to get frustrated but my mum not coming to fetch me. I have a meeting at three! the haze and smoke and dust and carbon monoxide IS killing me. I read in geo that haze can cause cataracts. no wonder my eyes itch. my lungs burn. when will people stop the open burnings??? want to die earlier no problem for those.
but hey one day the earth is just gonna get bloody polluted and we have to on aircons and stay indoors all the while. aircons also produce CFC k. don't think we can on aircons and stay indoors, save and sound, until haze subsides. sooner or later it'll all become an agony to stay on earth. from a preety and calm planet with the correct atmosphere God made for us to live in, after about 2000 years everything is just different. so different. now its a carbon room we live in. full of dusty stuff. suffocated. lets just call it a gas chamber where prisinors die in. are we living in a gas chamber?? please. think. homo sapiens are made to have brains.

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