Friday, October 06, 2006



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woot woot woot

...okay I think it's enough.

I can officially forget ALL the 7 subjects I learn in the past three years.
Unlike form 1 and 2, can't forget them totally since it will be a major mistake to make. form 3. PMR. that's the country war for students.

there is a war out there. and we are the soldiers. if we don't fight it, who will? - the matrix reloaded

so what did you do after geo paper ended?
er, nothing actually. I mean of course, exited and happy, but I didn't shout like any mad woman.
went to CS awhile though, with miss 3 and some other people. seriously, i think CS is a boring place. I went there bout like a thousand times. some people just don't get tired of it. but no doubt, perfect place for hanging out, lepaking. then my mum treat me a Mcdonald meal! > which I haven't ate in like, a year? haha... whatever. at least now I have time to exercise. and a movie too! ROB - B - HOOD. lolx.

cute or what???!!!
a MUST WATCH. recommended especially for students who wanna de-stress or simply wanna waste time after PMR. cry for d baby, baby cry for you whatever, just go and watch! Louis khoo and d baby is cute. put down iscream and catch it. no kidding.

and hey, I want a macbook! the simply delicious white apple, clean, simple, all the specs I want, presenting... macbook!! lolx. get me one, anyone? >don't give me an apple to eat dumbo, i mean, macbook, notebook, laptop if you dunno what a notebook is, or computer, ROBOTS? idiots.

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