Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dear diary

1 October 2006.

Dear diary,
If you happen to notice, today is 1st of october.
I'm telling you because you dont bother to notice dates that I put down.
tomorrow i'm gonna officially die.

Hello? Helloo?
what's wrong with tomorrow?
it haven't arrive yet.

okay..okay.. I undestand dumbo but HOW MANY TIMES I SHOULD TELL YOU???

huh? what? oh, okay. cheh. exam ony mah.

whatever, diary, you're the biggest noob on earth. I hate diaries. they don't keep secrets well.

oh, so diaries suppose to comfort people la now.

whatever... I just crap to you because i'm tired of studying. it ain't children's day for me anymore.



not gonna post to you EVER AGAIN >.<

i'm gonna be some crazy person I saw on TV just now who licks his guitar strings to produce super weird + high pitch sounds. if I don't get good grades.

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