Wednesday, September 20, 2006

losing things

I am some one normal, in existence.
and what if I loose these:

No. 1 : is like losing my hair.
ugh. I'll look like some weird freak.
not criticizing people with no hair, but hey, I'm normal.
normal people have hair.
I prefer to walk on streets with hair on my head.
I prefer to go for activities in good hair days.
I need my hair to look good.

No. 2 : is like clipping of bad and dirty nails.
actually, clipping them of gives me peace.
who needs bad and dirty fingernails?
life goes on, much better 'em.

No. 3 : is like losing my limbs - 2 legs, 2 hands, gone?
.... crippled.
can't do anything useful.
can't stop dreading, why must life be without limbs?
I need limbs to be - successful.

No. 4 : is like losing my mouth.
No way.
people without mouths, gets mentally bullied, true?
teasing, cursing, joking around me?
indeed, mouth is something politicians need the most.
I need my mouth to survive in a montrous world.

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