Saturday, September 16, 2006

2nd official post of november 2006

I have very little time for everything.

(includes why I don't post that often)

this is what I want for this period of time:
1. sleep and loads of it
2. 30 hours a day
3. free A's for PMR
4. Music. more music. Switchfoot please.
5. watch a movie. my last movie was at least 3 weeks ago.
6. less happenings so that I have proper time for things.
and, not screwing it up.
7. I need to migrate to somewhere with cleaner environment.
cooler air + some peace and quiet.
8. I need my own PC fixed. It's been half a year since I saw my desktop.
9. people around me to be MORE friendly. please don't scold me.
10. I need a proper holiday. I haven't had real fun for the past 1 and a half years.
11. I need exercise. the fatter I become the lazier I am.
12. I need to hit the ice again. I don't think I can even balance after so long.
13. I want open space. because all I get now is 18 hours in my enclosed room.
14. I need a maid to do all my chores.
15. I need a muting system so I won't hear any nagging from whosoever.
16. I want presents. people forgets my birthday.
17. and so I need Christmas + snow in Malaysia.
18. I want my team to support me 24/7.
19. I want my room repainted. can't stand peach color which looks exactly like pink.
pink stinks.
20. bring me to a 5 class buffet. =P I haven't been to one in ages.

if I get these 20 things, I would be a better state.
look at me now, I'm tired of everything around me.

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