Saturday, September 02, 2006

feelin down?

yes, I AM SO DOWN >.<

I dunno what's up with me, but its a fact that I am feeling soo stupid.
As a matter of fact, I Am Stupid.

who would have mistaken big intestines for small intestines?
who would have mistaken sedimentation tanks for the whole water cleaning system?
who would have been soo stupid to get blank when they see the word, carbonrundum?
who would have been soo stupid to put alphabets into a space where they ask you to classify ANIMALS?
who would have forget about NEWTONS?
who doesn't know that carbon monoxide is a pollutant?
who doesn't know ORCHIDS?

haiz... that'll be me.
thanks to my dysfunctional brain.

while my friends sit in the cinema watching half light, I can't even imagine what's the story about. ghost story. ha-ha.
waste my 10 bucks to sit in the friggin cold place - like a mortuary - and watch horror movie when I don't understand a thing.

...these days are sucky...

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