Sunday, October 15, 2006

the tuition system.

the whole studying system has depend entirely on tuitioning, today. 2006. or perhaps rather earlier. since went did we need so much tuitioning outside school? I can't believe it. I watch parents sending and fetching their childern to tuition centres. I watch those students cry, why, stress? some decided to jump of buildings. better still.

PMR is just over and now guess what, my BM teacher just put SPM into my head.

eh nah do lumba haram. now they like to come out dis question for spm. karangan berpandu arh."

karangan berpandu. wth is that in spm standard. so I wrote 363 words. and I took and hour to finish it I guess. I took much time for because:
1. PMR is over and I have no mood to do karangans.
2. I kept on yawning which took much oxygen from my brain.
3. I can't stop fretting over the BM tuitionS i'm gonna have this holidays.
4. and during my form4 year. I only have 7 days a week. not 11.
5. its stopping me from carrying out my duty as a sec. I have lots of paperwork.
6. and the high fees. I fret for my parents, too.
7. the constant sighing of my BM teacher.
8. the teachings so loud to the next door primary kid.
9. so frequent kepo-ing of the kid next door.
10. sound of a stress kid crying behind me.
11. teacher: next week im gonna start SERIOUS FORM 4 TUITION. GO AND BUY AKU ANAK LAUT (or whatever) AND STOP JUMPING AROUND.

hey when was I jumping around?? I was so guai sitting down fininshing my work and yawning. now I get commented that im jumping around la.

so back to the point, how come tuition become so centered in the education system?
why some teachers now make it so hard for us to study?
must we pay a hundred bucks to go for tuition for ONE subject?
that's insane. how bout those poorer people who can't afford tuition?
do they have any hope for tomorrow?
I suppose we buy education.

somebody. do something.

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