Saturday, October 14, 2006

korean dramas?

I don't usually go after korean movies. usually those sloppy-emo-dull-slow-boring-lovelove kind. I just happen to come accross one advertisement one day, on channnel 5. And this princess hours trailer appeared. it was kinda cute. so I decided to watch it. afterall pmr's over.

and woow the cast really can make you go all ga-ga over it.

the guys(and girls) ARE exceptionally - cute.

not to say malaysian actors aren't so cute, but hey, the whole teen cast are like sooo cute.

>> bouncy cheerful princess

>> whole-day-smile guy

>>emo guy.

if you badly want to waste your time watching tv, I suggest you waste your time on this. you'll get ADDICTED. LOL.

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