Thursday, November 23, 2006

old home.

Last night
I came back weighing another kilo more than before. damn.

LOL. who cares I get to see all my primary school friends!! wuahahah.

Those friends reminded me of those days when we used to get cannings from our chinese teacher for not finishing homework. Or simply getting bad results for spelling and dictation and stuff.

Those were the days when we used to play as a marching band. When I played the trumpet proudly in front of so many people. When we used to march on tar roads. Or getting our instuments in the cramp instumental room, or getting our smart looking uniforms. I miss my marching band.

Or yeah, when my group of people use to play an imaginary game of selling buns. you know, breadshops. ours was "ICHI-BUN" hah. Fun. We had our own signature buns and a nice signboard on our tables of the bakers. LOL.

Maybe the sissy boy which used to sit beside me, everyday pinching me for don't know what reason also, or once in awhile bring my dog for a walk to his house nearby to play PS. hah. Used to be as tall as me. now he's more than a head taller than me. damn. we're midgets already. Still for one thing, he's still as mischievious as the primary school days.

maybe just my primary school friends. Things were MUCH MUCH MORE carefree then. Now I'm like so super busy. Although I have time for some fun, but there's so much more things to be worry about. Alot.

Secondary school life.


time always change everything.

"2003's 6 de in 2006. I can't believe it i'm posing with a 'V'. damn. hah"

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