Monday, November 27, 2006

complicated characters.

these few days I seem to have problems with people and their all so different characters. Characters makes people different. It makes the world an exiting place to live in. But at the same time, it requires alot of challenges when dealing with different people, at the same time.

I wonder when my mind became so blocked.
It seldom do.

This year i've been handling alot of people of different characters. Let's see...
1. Scary and fierce.
2. Nice outside, scary inside.
3. Nice with some people, nasty to me.
4. Sarcastic and quiet.
5. Normally nice and quiet, but with sudden outburst of nasty-ness.
6. Inconsiderate and selfish fellas.
7. Natural quitters.
8. Annoyers.
9. Frustrated people.
10. People who curse so much that your ears start to bleed.
11. People who don't even give you a damn after you have done so much.
12. Back stabbers.
13. People who give you a look like you're stupid.
14. Won't do you favors.
15. Perfectionist who doesn't get things done.
16. People who talk so much sense but I just seem to forget everyting.
17. People who takes advantage of your good stuff.
18. Uncaring dudes.
19. Stubborn people.
20. Throws my face in front of other people.
21. People who calls you stupid and useless.
22. People who slams the door in your face without any valid reason.
23. People who screams right into you although you're innocent.
24. People who pulls you down by persuading you to quit.
25. People with much complains.
26. People with no commitment.
27. People with no responsibility.
28. "Happy-go-lucky, this perfect world is mine" people.
29. Buyers.
30. People who demolish my dreams.

Things just gets worse when there's so many different kind of people with bad characters around. on this planet.

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