Saturday, December 02, 2006

My December.

I remember last December wasn't something very pleasant. I didn't even cared about christmas. I didn't cared about people around me. I was in my own world. Perhaps it DID bring me some good. But december was hectic. I remember the beginning of my form 2 life have been so easy. Everyday I chat and chat and eat junk food in class. Life was useless then. My results weren't good either.

Until the end. Hectic life.

And form 3.

yay. I love the feeling. So much memories. Although there were times to regret, there were times to rejoice too. This year I went for many camps. Much more then the past years of my life. The most memorable so far was National Camp. I remember when my senior asking us whether we wanted to go for National Camp in Singapore. Actually I was abit ignoratn then, mainly because trials were so near. It's like, right after camp we had to sit for trials. Damn that feeling. But, push aside the trials, National camp was the best. I didn't know it would be so fun and memorable to me and my team mates. Heck. All of us were seperated. But for good reasons. I made my own friends. Normally I wouldn't be the one going up to other to say, hi, I'm whats yours, that kind. This time I made a change. I did stuff i never did in my life before. To experience something new and different is a nice feeling.

Next thing.
Papers. I love them.

then comes the stress part of the year. haha. I know you know it. Worked till 11, slept at 2, waking up at 5, go to school, gets more stress when things are not done properly. Yeah.
And it's not even PMR.

My December.

How's it gonna be this year, you asked me.
I have no answer. But I predict that its going to be challenging.
Just wait and see.
My favorite holiday: Christmas. Is it gonna be like last year? when there wasn't even christmas in my life? Or 2004, when I cheated people on card games during christmas.

It'll be different. Be suprised.

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