Monday, December 25, 2006

I shall blog.

This Christmas season

  • I attended a Christmas party in M-suites held by the UTM people on friday night. They played Dare you to Move. woot. Calista Pehyee and Fann were there. I thought I saw some grandseniors there too, no?
  • spend Saturday mellowing at home. was invited to a party but I stayed at home. Dad brought back rojak and tauhu.
  • I went to yew's for the last time seeing the grandseniors off. gonna miss them much.
  • I attended a Christmas banquet held by my church. 2 of my team mates sharlinn and yithng were there to keep me company. And plus mercy the funny fella. We didn't know she was there until she took the stage to sing a song. LOL oh shoot. should have snapped her. maybe we were too busy eating.
  • I ran up the stage like some psychotic fella trying to get a place in the games. and made one of my dear team mate like a Christmas tree. except she had a terrible head bandage with a star that almost fall off.

  • went home and watch half of Love actually, and family man. alone.
  • fell asleep on the couch. woke at 5 and watch some guinness world record.
  • went up to by room and continue my sleep.
  • woke up ate some whisky fruit cake, rich 3 in1 coffee, and was all set to go to school. until another deadly phone call. I might as well slept through.
  • So I followed my parents to church for some stuff. to kill time waiting for the thing to start my mum brought me to the nearby mamak for limau suam.
  • "sarcasm in the car: made me the worst Christmas."
  • dad brought me to tebrau city to get the manual. yay. Starbucks. Manhattan fish.
  • suppose to go for Chem tuition, but was friggin late so I had no guts to enter class, so I went home to catch some sleep. Wonder why two cups of coffee had no effect on me. I slept till 7.15 pm. Just in time for dinner.
  • My mum brought me for dinner. the wholesome christmas platter: of lots of vegetables and more vegetables.
  • went across to kerry's. while my mum went window shopping I was smsing the whole way. I wonder why my mum put so much effort in choosing a friend's baby present when she didn't even thought of my christmas present. She just left me wandering about the plaza until the shops close down.
  • Damnit she thinks money is everything I got another ang pow for christmas but I didnt accept it I AM NOT MONEY FACE !#$%&* - ahahaha. its still on my desk.
  • aihh. sad sad.

Everything I did this year has failed. Christmas failed. Holiday failed. Movie marathon failed. Even fun things failed to be fun.

All the fun I had this year was only short term. Most of them I make fun happen. Most of them failed. aih aih aih. challenging year, but it

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