Sunday, December 24, 2006


So... wassup on Christmas eve? aha.haha.hahahha. I was woken by my daily greensleeves alarm tone, again. 7pm. of course I snoozed it.

I woke up 20 minutes later, and wash up. took quite some time though, its christmas eve, chill out man. Take an hour for a bath also never mind one... It suppose to be chilly because of winter. We get chilly here because of timur laut rain. and some people gets sick because of it. ahaihhh

So I went to church today, held in danga grand straits today. was quite sleepy though, especially the choir. made me even drowsier. yawns. until fann gave me a call. she was outside to pick me! yay.

I ran out. Yithng was in the car. She said I had a smirk on my face. hahah. yea right, happy what. although don't want to smile too big, so smirk la.

hahah yay we were off to yew's cafe.

Ahhh... christmas songs was in the air. The atmosphere was ... nice. Nice decor. really nice. two LCD tv's were on the walls. The tables was nice and curve marble ones. So cool. grand seniors were there too, talking alot as well but somehow this is the last time we're having lunch with them. sad for some times, they're leaving very soon. time just kills things. kills our emotion. kills many friendships. except for some special cases, though. wish my teammates can stay by my side forever. oh shoot, wishes shouldn't be said out loud, isn't it?


sigh rain again. fann desperately making snow by plucking tissue papers and throwing it on our heads. no snow in malaysia. aihh..

christmas time people should be happy. right? but it's a warning that the year it reaching it's end, right?

arrrrgh. time kills. seriously.

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