Saturday, December 23, 2006

Good Day.

Coming back from a christmas party made me feel abit better, aside from holiday stress.
People are friendly amongst us. That's just what I need. Holidays are coming to an end. DAMMIT

I still haven't have movie marathon like I promised myself it would be on christmas.

but still, hearing switchfoot songs made me happy. LOL they actually sang dare you to move, including the other christmas songs, rock style, yeah. Oh this really reminds me of 26 december! woooooooooot gonna be the first to grab their album!!!!!!!!!!!! okay maybe it's impossible. I don't think it'll ship to malaysia that early. Haihhh. Wish I was in the US. celebrating christmas there, nice cool wind in my face...

pinch. ouch. Ok just dreaming.

I can't remember when was the last time I had nice cool wind in my face. But I remember yesterday. Outside pelangi : fann and me were trying to walk straight into the building. Dunno where the blasting wind came from. most probably man made.

But where is my cool wind?!!

all I get is rain lar. wet and chilly, damp smelly wind.

Thanks to the flood thats dominating my christmas here.
Already spend my whole holiday in school now comes the flood.

People on the other side of this earth gets nice fluffy snow. And then snowmans like frosty.

We get timur laut rain all day. And then floods that damage our lives. har-har. too bad lar.

Grow up, get a study loan/scholarship (for brainier people, not me) and then maybe, maybe I'll get to get cool wind in my face on christmas day.

"we're not living, we're only existing on this planet. welcome to existance."

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