Thursday, December 21, 2006

Time flies.

Yesterday my cousin evacuated from my house. hahah. To me, they evacuated. For them, they went off to KL after 3 days of money tossing in JB supermarkets. wuahahah. Ohya, thanks to them, my mum owes me an ice blended starbucks cappucino after comp. LOL


actually yithng came over. but then she fell sick. she wanted to go home. so she went. sick again. Thanks To Some Idiotic Group Of Morons.

I remembered a month ago my mum annouce to me that my relatives were coming. I thought it was gonna be wuite sometime before that day came. Between that period of time many things were to happen. The camp. and stuff. Traumatic times, you know. And when they move on to KL, it's time for Christmas already. YIKES CHRISTMAS MEANS PMR RESULTS !!!

nvm. I shall not spend time fretting about that. I have better things to worry about.
By the way it's only a week to that. And more datelines. that dateline I give a bigger YIKES HELP !#$%*

This year made me soo screwed. But at least I learn to get screwed now than when meet my first screwed day when I freak out and drop dead.

Oh by the way. I spend my yesterday feeling guilty. For many reasons. I can't believe it when
I was actually eating spagetti in front of AFV. Laughing like some mad cow. Ages since I get the time to do that. Too bad I didn't layan my cousin and her niece so much. Busy with other stuff, as usual. Last christmas I spend, it was all the smae thing on my mind. Except this time I'm a year older, with more things to worry about.

But after some thinking, I don't feel that guilty either that I left my relatives at home. They actually spend their day at shopping mall, shuffling money to other people's pockets. Tossing some golden coins in game machines. Sick of that. I can conclude that I hate Shopping. Shopping sucks. The only time you see me in shopping centres is when I need to get something. I wouldn't spend hours there. Maybe some people just wanna enjoy free air-cons, free christmas songs blasting in your ears, and maybe, free space to walk around. you know, some people needs - space.

Time Time Time. as time pass we grow older faster. sigh. Die faster also lar. Don't spend your time on nonsense lar. money also lar.

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