Monday, December 18, 2006

coming seasons.

christmas is coming. well almost everybody gets exited about it. Escpecially lil kids. if you ask me why, I'll just say, they want presents. okay.. not forgetting the performance. ah. yes. nobody goes on without it.

So yesterday night, I dropped by Danga festive mall to see what have my church people done so far for, yes, christmas. Ohya, why is it called festive mall in the first place, maybe the mall itselfs celebrates. yea. ok. crap. sorry back to topic.

when I reach there, some big blue dolphins came to greet us with balloons. hahah. ok. I ran away. Didn't want any big blue dolphins to attack me with their friggin balloon. I grab a chair and park my butt there.

The program kicked off with. Guess. It was a midget band. Heard me? yes midgets.

another screenshot here. Look like there are MORE midgets behind the front ones. LOL.

then our famous CCC dancing troup came out and presented us with their, yea, dance. hahah.

After that the perasanted MC's took the stage. THe posing game.

I wonder why they hired a country girl. Someone who deals with cows.

Then the CCC Christmas Choir came out. Sang us some carols.

I spotted, yet another midget.

ohya, the youths had a short skit. At first they looked like real lepak kings.

But no doubt, smooth sailing for their performance.

My oh my. Yet another ballet dance. I'm starting to get sick of ballets. Btw I never liked it before.

Gosh. I can't believe my eyes. The big blue dolphin actually had a part in it. Dont' forget, dolphins deserve place on the stage, too. LOL

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ok wow. These lil kids sure know the old school way.

Not forgetting a punk trying to be a kindergarden teacher. Leading the kids their -old-school- . wuahahah

yea. Great job people. perhaps its time we see a santa claus driving in an aston to the stage. Surely it'll turn heads. Sure to AA. attract attention. Next year, no?

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