Friday, February 23, 2007

Deep Blue Sea.

no worries
about a thing
because every little thing
is gonna be alright

Back from the mesmerizing isle.

After a long period of work and no play,
I finally get to waste some time in the car on long journeys.
Just what I've waited for all this while.
You just got to sleep, eat, and think before reaching the destination.

But sometimes, I still get some calls and messages. Those worrying ones.
But still, the ratio of the time a get to enjoy compared to those calls is 8:2 . Still ok. ahah.

Redang was good man.
Get some tan.
See some fishes. ( ok, it's many. may crawl up your pants if you don't take notice.)
Turtles? yeah.
Buffet? yeah.
Big breakfast and dinners.
and the waves that put you in a daze.

I'm so sure that I'm gonna visit another island with my fellow friends when I leave school, successfully.

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