Monday, March 12, 2007

Birthday Blues.

well yesterday, I turn sixteen.
the saying goes sweet sixteen, but I wonder whether it would continue as another bitter year for me.

and my collegues.
the people who share the same pain.
the same bitterness.
the same blood and sweat.
and the countless hours together.

even on birthdays, they come to make me happier.

15 years of life?
fucking fifteen.
some mean people made me cry on my 15 birthday.

I don't usually swear on blogs.
But too bad.
some people I look up too, swears too.

And to my 2 old and faithful friends,
Ying Ying and Jon,
whom I neglected sometime ago,
actually remembered my birthday.
Which made me feel so bad because I totally forgotten about their birthdays.
All because of. okay nevermind I shall not complain and rant here.

To those people who actually knows that Julia Cheam was appeared on this planet on march the 11th:

Ying Ying
my old and loyal friend.
best friends in standard 3.
but suay suay kena switch class.
and from then on dunno why she became so shy.
but nevertheless, she stayed so loyal.
even remembered me until this day.

well she held my hand and brought me to this planet, right?
she can't possibly forget my birthday.
and she belanja me korean BBQ and cake and pizza. yay.

another loyal friend who remembers my birthday.
every year.

my best friend who always gives me a destress therapy.
no work. all play.
but she's clever.

Yi Th'ng
Another teammate so sincere.
makes all the effort to remember everyone's birthday.

Kelly , Fann
They remebered. for sure.
although they don't usually remeber birthdays.
hahah. the forgetful fellas.

Hui yen.
ahah. I accidentalty called her in the morning and she happen to pick up the phone and wish me happy birthaday.
then later on she said I called her because I wanted her to wish me.
can't help it. sometimes the matey gets a lil lame. LOL

Adeline, Esther.
this two kids remebered me. haha. I know.

can somebody give me a twist of luck?

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