Friday, March 23, 2007

Face The World.

I wonder if I lend a million bucks

( let's say, because I ain't a millionaire. Yet.)

how sure that I'll get it back?

0.1 percent sure.
and don't say I'm stingy and stuff that I keep track of every single cent.
because it is a million bucks.
not one cent.

sometimes I wonder will people treat you the same way like you did.
trying to be so nice to a person could just get you into a pile of shit.
I'm sure many had that common experience.

maybe some... not just yet.

but today is the 21st century.
nothing is the same like the past century.
like when everyone is fair and square.
I give you, you give me, and the cycle goes on and on.

and today that cycle stopped.

people cheat on you.
people backstab you.
and before you know it, you start to run away, and quit.

and the problem pops up right again when you ran away.

"the gunshot was the only word you said."

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