Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back to the pass.

Today I boarded a bus to the one place I got lost in the early part of last year with my fellow mates.

Last year I followed.
This year I, or rather we, lead ourselves.

Last year was all a blurry scene.
This year was much clearer.

This year we never got corned by stupid taxi drivers.
This year we walked on our own.
And the road was long.

And this time I sat on a bus with my back facing the direction of the bus'es motion.
I was moving backwards.
The scenery passing by was all reversed.
Something like you see in Coldplay's music video - The Scientist, except it wasn't a sappy love story.
Looking at those sceneries makes me want to turn back time.
I want to live a new life.
Something simpler.
Or perhaps, there's another planet lying around in the vast universe, which is all so the same as earth, except it's a better place.
Maybe I'll be born on that planet?

One of my fellow mates said we should form a band called speechless.

"because I have nothing to say anymore."
"and shouldn't this be said by someone else."

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