Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Penyu Penyu!

In approximately a day more, I'll be travelling to the land of Penyu with a bunch of animals on a truck.
No. Its a bunch of best people on a , well, normal air-conditioned bus.

This is one of the most anticipated trip in my life, I guess.

Recently my thoughts went right back when I was a freshman.
The blur kids age.
Where you step into high school and get punk'd.
And now, you think that high school never ends.

About that time, I went to the Penyu land too.
And with all my dreaming thoughts.
No noisy friends.
Just the seashore and I.

My parents would drive out at night to find for dinner as the land of Penyu, you seldom see big restaurants everywhere like here in the city.
And sometimes we ended up in mini markets purchasing cup noodles to eat at the motel.
If you're lucky, you might find a malay chicken rice shop in a secluded corner by the road.
If you don't plan to drive out on the dark and gloomy streets of the village in Penyu, might as well bungkus some keropok Lekor before the sun sets.
Because Keropok Lekor in the land of Penyu is NEVER to be missed.
Unlike my schools'.
Eat until your tongue gets so itchy.
That is why I haven't bought it since form 2.

But this time, I bet the atmosphere is gonna be so different.
I'm in it!

No more looking from the outside.

We're gonna strive so hard and wait for our rain with accurate timing.

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