Monday, May 28, 2007

A Bittersweet End.

Well, I'm back.
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Our chapter in this never ending story has come to an end.

The story that is full of courage and willpower to achieve the highest, was not easy at all.

I guess the only way to fulfill the highest is through trial and error.

This time we learn a couple more of new things, which can be take into consideration for the upcoming chapters.

Only that the characters in the next chapter would be different.

Team Johor.

Although individually not all of us got what we deserve, but with the teammate friendship we had made us overall champs.


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It's not only the 20 of us who worked so hard for the championships.

There are too many characters in this particular chapter.

The ones who trained us.

The ones who taught us.

The ones who brought us together.

The ones who held our hands and said that we could do it.

The ones who constantly supports us everytime we are about to fall.

The ones who drove us around JB to get things done.

The ones who gave us moral support.

The ones who criticized us so that we could become stronger.

The ones who provided stuff we needed.

The ones who were so willing to do us piles of favours.

The ones who love us.

And the list goes ever and on.

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It's been a long journey from where we started.

Too many bumps on the road.

And it was a tough fight at the nationals.

But it was a fight worth fighting for.

Although not perfect physically, it's perfect in our hearts.

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"glory, then what?

you win like a winner, and lose like a winner."

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