Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy Birthday.

To who?
My Blog –

On June 1st 2007, The Planet Blog turn a year old.
Special thanks to Miss Fann, Shar Linn, who started this blog in her aunt’s house in KL, last year, same date.

Yes. It’s obvious that this blog appeared on cyberspace on June 1st 2006.

And with the help of some close friends and the web, I manage to learn some basic HTML which did help me a lot because I used to use blogskin’s Skins. Which at first seams like a whole new world of numbers and figures.

But it does not speak as loud as my heart on learning how to at least type in a friggin post and add a tagboard and some links.

For some few faithful readers of this blog, they should know how the looks of this blog have change from time to time.

It started with some black background with some stars pouring out from a bottle skin.
A temporary one which Miss Fann randomly picked from Blogskins.

And when I learn a bit more HTML, it was changed to a little annoying graffiti kind in the middle of the page. Music Makes Me Lose Control.
For some people with perfect eyesight may have squinted eyesight if they had stare at it for too long.

So I changed it again.
This time it was around world cup season last year.
And I supported Italy.
And guess what. They won. Ahahah.
Back to point, I changed to an Italian Skin.

After some time I found a pretty one.
Some moonlight in the city kind of skin.
And well, it kinda suit my url –
So I used that skin for a pretty long time.

Then I noticed, that url doesn’t look too good.
I wanted to changed 2 to to, and de to the.
But too bad. Somebody’s taken it way before I did.
So I managed to changed the de to the only.
Thus, new url – – ahah.

Then this beta blogger thing came up.
It wouldn’t go away until I change the old version to the new version.
So I did.
And stick to their original template because I needn’t care about HTML anymore. Just drag and drop. Yay.

Image Hosted by

Grand finale, it looks just like today.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Far too kind.”

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