Monday, June 11, 2007

Should have been Ours.

Reached JB at 4 in the morning with our beloved officer giving us a wake up call.

"Rise and shine babies! It's a wake up call.. We'll be reaching the post office in about.. 5 minutes time!"

So the whole bus of sleepy heads wakes up. Some still in dreamland.

We're back.
Everything's gonna return to normal.
Go to school. Study.

Even though we went to Singapore-Malaysia competition to support one of our brother teams, it was such a waste the other 3 teams did not make it.

I don't know what feelinf is it.
Whether to be sad, or satisfied.

The standards of the participating teams seriously suck.
Both singapore and malaysia.
Cases were not finished.
Bedmaking anf dressing was horrible.
Victims were further hurt instead of rescued.
Instead of preserving life, I guess they prevent life.

We know we should be there.
We know we should hold the Challenge Trophies.
We know we were better.

Feels so sad when we know our faces were not in the Singmal book.
Feels so sad when the reporters rush to take your picture.
Feels so sad when we know we should be the ones performing cases and procedures.
But then again, Glory, then what?

On the other hand,
Feels satisfied when we see them not performing well.
We know we are 100 times better.

As for Amnulance Cadet, it's clear they were the best there.
Got everyting. Including best team leader.

Their journey is like this sentence:
We are the Champions.

A flawless sentence, and a fullstop.

A for my team,
......We are the,

Some clueless beginning, a hanging sentence, and a coma.

Now I get the feeling my seniors once had.
"How could we possibly lose to this team?"

Anyway, I did get to take a picture with some number 2's a long time back.

Image Hosted by
From left: Miss Wee (Very great grand senior, now an officer), Allison Yeo (Should be Great x3 grand senior if I didn't count wrongly, Stef Chang ( Grand senior), and me!

So there we go.
Another wasted year.
Malaysia could have won if they had chosen the correct team.

"Where are you now, O golden cup?"
Image Hosted by
Answer yourself, It's in Singapore.

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