Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fake it.

After the recent WWDC 2007, I'm completely drooling over Mac OS X Leopard.

super cool.
I just know it's gonna be a great operating system.
Better then Tiger.
Which is of course better then Vista, which copies almost all of Tiger's features.

And since I'm not the only one drooling over Leopard, I found these pretty cool apps over the internet to fake Leopard's desktop. Ahah. 

This is how my current desktop looks like:

Image Hosted by

Transparent menu bar.
No more a glaring white one.

Grass wallpaper, just like Leopard's default wallpaper.

I don't have Stack, but at least I have Overflow that does Stacks' job.
It's keeps all the application icons in a folder in the dock.

And guess what, I faked Spaces.
The virtual desktop.
Like you can have a multiple desktop.
One for work, one for play, one for movies, as many as you want.
It's call you control desktop.
But it's a demo only, means I get to use it for only 15 days.

Almost everything about the Leopard desktop.
Except that freaking dock.
Don't know how to make it look 3D.

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