Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Deja vu?

I feel like everything is repeating itself.
I've seen everything before.
It happened before.
Those events are the same,
Just that things now are slightly different.

Hope it goes better.


I wonder why my phone will stop playing music and shut down itself after some time if I blast music in the bathroom while bathing.
It is because of the intense humidity.
Or, it just, don't wanna play me music.

I think i need an  iPod with the large speakers. ahah.

Check out ESP guitars. Because i want one.

And I want a nice grand piano like one of my rich friend has.
Too bad I still can't afford one now.

I want a crumpler sleeve for my macbook. lalala.
expensive stuff.

I want some Bape.

wait till I become a millionaire.
then I'll buy myself an aston martin like James Bond then i can drive in front of Fann when she is still driving a kancil taking driving lessons.

talking about martins.
one day this friend of mine ask me who's chris martin's brother.
I said aston martin.
he said, no. Ricky martin.
Grab your jackets. It's brrr... cold.

hah like that's gonna ever happen.

I'm not sleep-blogging.
I'm still awake.
It's only 9.30pm.

Weird post eh.
Just feeling abit stress out with inconsiderate people.
Some of them even exist in my school.
School of Chaos. ahahah.
Girls school. Nuns. Sisters. No. No. No.

Somtimes watching YouTube can somehow brighten a day. Especially mine.

I can't even get my dog to sit unless i'm holding a treat.
One day they'll finish our piles of add maths homework.

Normally they'll just eat 'em in a go.

lala la lalala. happy tree friends makes you happy.

something sad.
you don't shed a tear, you aren't human.

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